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Welcome to!  Many of the greedy money makers on the web would  prefer I didn't publish this information.  They want to charge you money for what you can get for absolutely free...   Totally free websites!

Getting Started

     Most people ask me "How do I get started? Should I build a free personal website or can I just create a free blog? What if I just want to upload my photos or my music?"

     Others are worried that they need advanced computer skills (not true), and still others just want a free mobile website... READ MORE

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Free Stuff For Your Pages

     The next problem beginner website builders have is what to use to fill up their pages. Well the internet is full of great free widgets and add-ons that require very little skill to make your web pages look professional, cool and interactive.

     This website ( has compiled 6 pages of "add-ons" to help you get started...  READ MORE

Free Tools You Need

     When you get a little more familiar with website building, you can learn to use ready-made web page templates, make free navigation buttons and drop-down menus.

    You will also learn why you should use a new free email address and get some free cool downloads to make your website building experience safer and easier... READ MORE

Web Building Tutorials

     I learned the hard way how to put a free website together because there were really no help out there. That is why I built - to help beginners like you.

     I have assembled some lessons that I wish were out there (when I was getting started) that are in easy to understand... READ MORE

         Top 4 Recommended Free Websites:           
#1 - Wix.comEasy To Use Free Drop & Drag Flash Website
#2 - Webstarts.comMy Long time favorite! NO ads on your site!
#3 - - Top of the line FREE website builder with tons of features.
#4 - V-Store - Free  e-commerce site w/ storefront and shopping cart!
 HOT - Step-by-step guide for creating a self-hosted WordPress blog.

Search For Available Domain Names For FREE!

• If you have wasted enough time already and are ready to get started without my help, we have a list of hundreds of easy locations to build, publish, and make absolutely free websites.
• But if you want to learn how to build a totally free website, this site contains everything..  free web hosting, Free Email, free Site Add-ons, and Free Graphics, and top money making affiliate programs.
Whether building a fan site, start a blog, an online store, or even a social networking site, all the information is here. Good luck!

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• No special computer skills are needed.  Learn as you go!

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     Free websites and free web hosting companies are everywhere, but no matter what free webhost you choose to build your free web pages, you will need some cool free web site add-ons and free widgets like visitor hit counters, guest books, web tools, game boxes and other cool free stuff that is easy to use at any free website location, blog or Facebook site!  Most are just copy and paste with no download needed! CLICK HERE FOR FREE WEBSITE ADD-ON INFO.

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Make A Free Website
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